Halloween Romance

Halloween is a big deal at our house, as are Halloween costumes, parties, and candy. Bigger than Christmas some years. So last year after I got in a car accident outside of Goodwill while searching for Halloween costumes, a story started brewing. I wrote it, published it, but wanted to know more of what happened to these guys.

So last month I decided to go back and revisit Cas and Marc. I ended up adding an epilogue to their story rather than writing a sequel. I wanted to see where they ended up after the Halloween party.

If you bought this off Amazon before, you can get the revised copy w/o rebuying by deleting the story from your device and then uploading it again. The new version would come to you then. How will you know if you have the new version? It has a mask on the header.


In my head, Cas and Marc already had their happily ever after, but now they have an even happier ever after! So did Cas’s bestie.


Oh, it comes in paperback too!



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