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Big Gay Fiction Giveaway

bgfgAuthor Michael Jensen and podcasters Jeff Adams and Will Knauss have teamed up for the second Big Gay Fiction Giveaway, which will run from May 22 to May 29. Eighty authors of gay male fiction, including me, are giving away full-length novels, novellas, and short stories about the lives and loves of gay, bisexual, and transgender men.

Naked Origins - HudsonReaders of every sort will find something of interest, ranging from historical fiction, literary fiction, new adult fiction, science fiction and fantasy, as well as traditional and paranormal romance. “We’ve got an even more diverse selection than last time,” says Adams. “And all the books are free.”

My book in the giveaway is Naked Origins ~ Hudson.

Readers can visit, where they’ll be able to peruse more than eighty titles. To claim a book, readers click on a book’s cover, enter their email to sign up for the author’s newsletter, then download their book via Instafreebie, and start reading.

This ends May 29th, and you can stock up on books for a year. Discover new authors, try a new genre. What are you waiting for?



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