Put Down Roots. You’re Home!

Farm Fresh has arrived.


So what have people been saying about the book?

Sexy, sensual and satisfying
Alpha Book Club
. . . an enjoyable read in a unique setting
Gay Book Reviews
This was a story I needed to read.
My Fiction Nook
Farm Fresh is gorgeous, and the emotional impact will leave you gasping and aching for more.
Just Love Romance Novel Reviews
This is truly an outstanding story. I carried my Kindle everywhere with me . . .  All day. I refused to do anything until I finished. And then, I wanted more. More of these fascinating characters and this amazing place.
Diverse Reader
This book, more than any I have read, took me right out of my comfort zone; not just my reading comfort zone, but my life comfort zone in general. To my delight, I loved it!
Divine Magazine Reviews
I give it a 10/10 fountain pens for expert writing, lush sensuality, and the loving touch of an author who cares about both her characters and her readers.
A.M. Leibowitz


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