Revised Cover for Bent Arrow

Last summer I was trying to save cash and decided to try my hand at creating a cover for my book Bent Arrow. I used really rudimentary, but helpful, software found online. But when I went to create the paperback cover, I realized I hadn’t left enough room to allow for the bleed, so I hated my paperbacks!

In the months since, I’ve learned how to do a lot on Gimp, the photo editing software for the poor. It’s free! And it’s quite similar to PhotoShop, which I learned how to use in 2005. I still have PhotoShop on my old PC, which no longer works, and in 2007 moved over to Mac, so yeah, that’s not happening. And I don’t have hundreds to drop on editing software not necessary for my job. But free? I can do free!

After getting the paperback copies of Farm Fresh in the mail, I knew I wanted to put Bent Arrow in the smaller format as well. That meant I needed to rework the cover. I stuck with the same image but tweaked it some. Not a ton, because I didn’t want it to look too different than the original.

A little warmer. I burned the font in. I also changed the font on my name. Subtle changes, but I like them. Thoughts?

Bent Arrow Cover 2

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