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In August I went back to North Dakota to see my mom and to show my kid the state I grew up in without two feet of snow on the ground. This was the first time we’d been there when it wasn’t Christmas since she can remember. O.o

One place I asked to go was up to the International Peace Gardens, which is very near where Luther grew up and is also right on the US/Canadian border. So my teenager got to go to Canada and remember it this time, and I went to Luther’s lake and did some research for the next book in this series, as well.

Another day we got a VIP tour of the Bakken oil field from my brother-in-law, who works for one the largest oil producers out there. Western North Dakota has changed dramatically since I lived there. Once near-ghost towns are brimming with people. There are men everywhere. Mostly men. People who work there joke the male to female ratio is 80:1. The reality is closer to 10:1.

I wanted to give people an idea about the place where Luther and Erik met, show the isolation in the middle of a crowd. While I hope my words did that, but there’s something about images. So without further adieu…



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