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Too rushed to go home before hockey practice, Jack tucks his biggest secret in his pocket. Eli suspects what he’s hiding, and he likes the idea of Jack in silk and lace.

Jack Cox has a secret he’s kept hidden for years until a fellow hockey player discovers a scrap of silk and lace hiding in his pocket. Elijah Mitten notices how anxious Jack is as the hot-pink fabric makes its way around the locker room, and when Jack throws it in the trash like it means nothing, Elijah guesses what’s beneath his stoic façade and possibly his pants.

When Elijah shows up on Jack’s doorstep looking for answers, Jack won’t admit anything. But when Elijah takes matters into his own hands, Jack has to make a decision: share his secret and risk losing hockey or keep it hidden forever.

 62 Pages  |  90 Minutes  |  13K Words

hockey, manties, panty kink, friends to lovers, bisexual, coming out

Great Backbone

This is a hot, hot short with a great backbone…

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Smoking Hot

A sweet story with some very romantic moments that are also smoking hot.

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I love…MANTIES!!!

It’s hot, cute and actually quite romantic, as what starts out as just a sex lead thong-a-thon between these two hot guys, turns out, over time, to be quite a sweet romance that ends with a pantytastic HEA.

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I really did love this short story

This is another one that I fully intend to keep on my kindle to read time and time again.

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