I’m a Worker Bee!

August is a busy time for a lot of people. With summer’s end closing in much too quickly along with getting the kid ready to go back to school, it feels like time has sped up exponentially to me. Throw in several freelance editing jobs, surgery recovery, and vacation, and every time I blink, I swear another week has passed.

I’m debating when to release a few things. I have a lot in the works.

silverscars-smallI need to get my butt in gear on creating the paperback version of Silver Scars, but that requires learning a new program and deciding if I want to change the look of the book. Hopefully this will all be figured out by the time I head to GayRomLit so I can bring copies.

At the end of August (or maybe early September), Bent Arrow will be coming out. The cover and blurb are ready to go, but I’ll wait until I’m back home from my vacation to share that.

And then there’s my WIP, Fresh Squeezed. There will be a snippet from that in the GRL Supporting Author anthology Cate Ashwood is putting together. My goal is to have that book out by then. It’s the first in the Farm Fresh Series.

Next week I head home to North Dakota, where I hope to do a little hands-on research for the sequel to Bent Arrow. That will involve my passport, a car, and getting through Canadian and US customs without incident. So much to do before I can leave.

And I’m August’s Author of the Month in the Goodread’s M/M Romance Group! So how cool is that?!

How are you spending the last weeks of August? Getting any reading done or are you waiting for school to start?


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