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Tangled Mind Blog Tour Update

SONY DSCI went out of town over Christmas and just got back last night. There was no wifi. So yeah, life was a little bit different. The number of times my 12 yo complained was enough to get me complaining. 🙂

So, you may have missed where I was these last few days.

  • Love Bytes Reviews – I talk about where Tangled Mind come from and a whole lot more.
  • Amanda C. Stone – I wrote an exclusive prequel to Tangled Mind, which is told from Timothy’s POV several months before the opening of the book.
  • Elizabeth Noble – I talk about when I first thought of myself as a writer.
  • Queer Town Abbey – interviewed me, and I wrote 10 writing prompts for you to play around with. I’d love to see if you do anything with them.
  • Book Reviews and more by Kathy – Read the opening scene from Tangled Mind and enter to win the Rafflecopter drawing.

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 4.45.32 PMThere are 9 days left to enter the Rafflecopter drawing. I thank all of you who have already tweeted or found me on the various social media sites. I’ve been overwhelmed by the outreach, and being away without wifi and dealing with the holidays has me way behind on giving my thanks. So thank you here right now.
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