Seeking the Perfect Cover Photo

For weeks I’ve been looking through stock photo sites for an image to use on the cover of my next book. My main character Gil is a man closing in on 40 who has been through a traumatic event that changed his life and left him with scars. Since then, he’s decided to shave his head bald and often hides under a fedora.

Try finding photos of bald men on stock photo site, and you usually end up with three types of shots.

bald3 bald2 bald1

  1. Exercise fanatics – Because if you don’t have hair, you need muscles to make up for the loss? Uh… no.
  2. The wah wah guy – Life never goes his way. It sucks. And it’s all because he doesn’t have hair. *stomps foot*
  3. The goofball – This guy makes the silliest faces imaginable in an effort to distract from the fact that he’s bald.

To say my search has been frustrating is an understatement. After finely honing search terms, I’ve found some good images, but stock photography doesn’t offer a wealth of choices for book covers unless you’re willing to use the same model featured on 100 other covers.

Today I clicked on a link posted on my FB feed which led me to yet another link, as so often happens. I found a great image, which he gave me permission to share here.

It’s nearly perfect, especially for Gil, the bald guy who often wears a hat. The other character in the story is Keith, who has also had personal tragedy. They help each other re-imagine their lives, giving them both new hope for the future.

I wish this could be used on the cover of my book.

Sketch's fight

Ben Heine is the guy in the hat, the perfect Gil.

Sébastien DEL GROSSO is the man whose work I was initially drawn to.

I contacted Sébastien. Wish me luck.


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