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Change of Heart, Facebook?

Did Facebook really stop long enough to rethink their real name policy? It looks like they may have. I’m not fully buying into their change of heart and am still waiting for the other shoe to drop, but for now, I’m glad.


I was so ticked off about the real name policy for countless reasons that I had to write about it a few weeks ago so I wouldn’t implode. Facebook isn’t the be-all and end-all social media tool out there, but it’s one of the better ones. One of the reasons I like it is because I’m on control of who sees what. If I have a post I only want to my close friends to see, I can do that. If I have a post I don’t mind blasting to the world, well, I can do that too. I can even blast to the world with the exception of one person, if I wanted to go that route.

Facebook also allows me to hang with specific people in groups. One of those groups I play in is made up of writers who are more supportive of my writing dreams than most people in my real life. Another group is a place I can go on those bad writing days and force myself to write in sprints with another person in another part of the world.

Because I use my pen name, I’ve been able to hide my writing career from people in my life who would be unsupportive and possibly destructive of my professional life. I’m not on Facebook only promoting books, telling people about sales, or discussion my characters. I’m there talking to friends I made because we enjoy reading or writing the same genre and want to talk about it. I’m there for friends and do promo things a few times a month. The ratio of social to promo posts are probably 100:1.

So I’m optimistic about what Facebook will do. I’m skeptical too, because I know their main goal is to make money now.

What do you use Facebook for? How much of your time is spent promoting your own work on your profile? What about books other people have written? Curious.


5 thoughts on “Change of Heart, Facebook?”

  1. I guess I’ve always seen facebook as a business that wanted to make money. I never really felt the kind of ownership so many people did (maybe because I just don’t quite fit in? idk) and so their tactics were not really surprising to me.
    But I am happy they are sort-of, maybe, reversing their real-name policy. I think it was inevitable: too many people use pseudonyms for too many reasons for the policy to make business sense, anyway.
    I used to spend a bit more time there, mostly socializing. Now I have pretty much left it alone. Too much toxicity and hurt feelings for me to deal with.
    It is still the easiest way to catch up with people, though, The messaging is convenient, as are the groups. And the thought of going somewhere else and re-forming connections is just sad.


    1. The thought of trying to find all my friends on various other social networks is daunting. Plus, I already use most other sites and none are nearly as interactive or as one-stop-shopping as FB is. As much as I dislike FB, I can communicate in more than 140 characters or images. I don’t think there’s an easy answer until the next best thing establishes itself rather than simply starting up.

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      1. I’m there but have never found it very interactive, which is why I’m there so rarely. I crosspost there, but not much else. What do you like about G+? I might need lessons to understand it better.


      2. I like the way it looks, first of all. I’m not seeing ads and it’s much less cluttered.
        The biggest advantage to G+, though, is that the feed is not filtered for “relevancy”, so you see all the posts people you follow post, in the order they were posted, no matter what you like or comment on. It makes it nicer for promo, and you never miss posts from friends.
        I also love the google docs file sharing, and use it with some of my crit partners.
        I just wish more people were there! Or I guess, were more active there (a lot of people have accounts but never go there)

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