Virginal Pride

I attended my first event as an author among potential readers this last weekend along with Tina Blenke and Kaje Harper. Tina did an amazing job of setting all this up and organizing it and a reader friend and her husband helped with all the physical hauling.


Up until now, I’ve only gone to writing workshops where all the other attendees were also authors. I love those things, because those people just got it. Or me.

It was the same way at Pride. I got to talk to readers and potential readers about all sorts of things.

I sold some books. I talked to other M/M Romance lovers. I met an artist who I’d love to commission for a cover. I got to know Tina, Kaje, and a reader friend, Kathie even better. We also had two tweens helping us draw people in by asking if they’d like to spin a wheel to win a prize. We gave away a lot of stuff.

Next year, I hope I can join these same authors at Twin Cities Pride along with even more Minnesota authors.



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