Signs so I know where to go

Do you remember when these signs went up all over the United States? I do because it took something I don’t think about on a daily basis, guns, and turned them into something I was now consciously aware of every time I left my home. (Thanks for adding to America’s paranoia.) These signs came about because of legislation (maybe I’ll research the wording later) that made it legal to carry guns anywhere unless specifically banned. Hence the signs.

My young daughter, who was just learning to read at the time, wanted to know why all these new signs were going up, and she stopped to read them many times. Nice way to introduce fear into a small child’s head when that sign isn’t next to a door.

So now the Arizona legislature has passed a religious discrimination bill that will allow people to not provide services to anyone if it goes against their deeply held religious beliefs.

What century am I in?

One thing I hated about the signs above was that it put the burden of posting such signs on those stores who didn’t want crazed gunmen coming into their stores.

What I want, more than anything if this Arizona farce is turned into law, is for businesses, governments, and services of all types to post that they reserve the right to deny services to LGBT persons. Then I can turn around, walk away, and never give a fricking dime to anyone. These discriminatory businesses should have the burden of posting horrid signs at their doorways that say, “Straights Only.” If they want to discriminate, they should be forced to do so blatantly for all the world to see.

I’ll take my bisexual dollars elsewhere, thank you!

How about you?


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