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Writing Challenges – Getting Started

I have a new project or five in my head. I know the characters very well already. I know the plot points that will turn and move the story forward. I know the setting, the year the stories take place, the tone, even the secondary characters.

So what is keeping me from starting?

I just said my least favorite word: start. How the hell do I start this book? What’s the opening scene? How do I not get bogged down in everything I just talked about in the first paragraph and instead, write a compelling opening?

If I weren’t a linear writer (for the most part), I’d just start in the middle and go, but I can’t do that.

What are the hardest parts for you when writing? Do you find opening scenes as challenging as I do? And what on earth do you do to get over that hump?


4 thoughts on “Writing Challenges – Getting Started”

  1. As someone with a literary blog, I totally relate to this. The hardest part for me as a writer is starting as well. I always have many ideas in my head, but it is often difficult to figure out where I should begin plotwise.


    1. I’m terrified of info dumping. Info dumping is easy to do for me because I want to build the world as fast as I can so I can then write, but that doesn’t make for good fiction. And I fear starting in a cliche way as well.


  2. For me, the biggest hurdle is world-building. I never know when I have enough to actually start writing. With the project I just started, I’m going to try “pantsing” instead of “plotting” in an effort to avoid that. We’ll see how it works haha. Good luck!


    1. I’ve pansts my way through several stories. I’m sorta an in-betweener. I plot out the major parts, not too much, or I get stuck. I love the pantsing moments when wonderfulness you could never plan happens. That’s the best part about writing for me.


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