Halloween Memory Lane

I’m married to a Halloween fanatic. It’s his absolute favorite holiday, and he likes to have fun on this day.

For years we had a Halloween costume party. This started in the 1990s as a last minute decision one year and grew into this elaborate affair that people talked about the second they folded September away. One year we had a superhero theme and another it was television characters. People stuck to the theme and got very creative, like when Generic Man showed up in all his white-with-a-black-striped glory. Some years there was no theme at all.

It has been awhile since we’ve had our party. Life got busier in the last years, but I miss dressing up and being allowed to play. It was harder to have a party when our Halloween night now demanded trick-or-treating because of our daughter.

Poppy is eleven. She is going to dress as Rose Tyler from Doctor Who. I’m not sure if my husband will be The Doctor when they go door to door this evening or if he will keep his Edgar Allan Poe get up on that he wore to work this morning.

Maybe I’ll hunt down then vintage dress I wore one year when I was a 50s housewife. Lord knows I’ll never fit back into my favorite hippie costume I wore ages ago, but I could wear the daisy pin.

I’d love to hear about your favorite costumes. Did you ever wear a box as a costume? I was Jan in a Pan one year and wore a box and an aluminum pan. Uncomfortable. For all you MST3K fans out there, you probably know who that is, for those who haven’t a clue, here’s an image.

So tell me this…

  • Favorite costume you ever wore
  • Most uncomfortable costume you wore
  • Most creative costume you’ve seen
  • Which candy did hope was in your bag once you got home?

And to answer the last one for myself, a full size Hershey bar.

For the North Star readers out there, Hugo and Kevin go trick or treating with Brooke and Finn in the upcoming Fusion. There are boxes involved in their costumes. Poor kids.


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