“Inside a Boy’s Head”

I had a conversation with my daughter yesterday about writing. Poppy wanted me to read a short story she had written in her Language Arts class, and she was upset with the editing a male classmate had done on her draft. I completely got that! I’m working through edits on my own manuscript right now, so I could easily feel her pain. For the record, I agreed with nearly everything the boy had corrected on her draft aside from a few commas.

After I got done reading and had give her my feedback, Poppy said, “I like writing stories from inside a boy’s head rather than inside a girl’s head because girls think like this. ‘Oh, I sure hope Jacob likes me. I should go fix my hair and put more makeup on.'”

stock-footage-silhouettes-of-mother-and-her-daughter-heads-then-daughter-hugging-her-motherObviously, not all female characters are bubble headed twits like my Poppy portrayed with such comedic delivery, but sadly, there are a lot that are.

I barely kept in my laughter because of her delivery, but then I told her, “I prefer writing male characters too, so that’s why I write what I write.”

Poppy has known that I write about men falling in love with men for at least a year. It would be hard not to know that when walking into my writing studio, because my two main character’s faces are right there on a bulletin board staring at me.

We talked a bit about our characters and why we liked writing from a boy’s point of view. We had very similar reasons. Yet I love writing about female secondary characters. These women often end up being my favorite people, and I’ve had feedback from readers and editors who practically cheer when I bring Summer (for example) back into the story.

And yet, I’m still asked by people unfamiliar with the M/M genre why I enjoy writing from a man’s perspective. Of course, that’s after they ask me why I write M/M in the first place and how I find out about M/M sex. My mother-in-law asked about all of this last weekend. I answered too.

What do you enjoy about reading or writing a male POV? I’m curious to see if they are the same reasons Poppy and I had.

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