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Busy Day Yesterday!

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity if I base it on the number of dings, whooshes, and beeps I heard from my computer and phone. In reality, I spent most of the day in my desk chair, but because it was the release day of Spark, I didn’t feel sedentary. On top of spending time talking about bisexuality over at Charley Descoteaux‘s blog, I spent the day posting over on Dreamspinner Press’s blog. I thought I’d give you a little run down of what I wrote about there so you could head over there and read the posts and excerpts from my book.

I talked about what writing a trilogy was like, where the cover inspiration came from, and also some of the images that inspired me along the way. Since Spark is two stories in one, I decided to share a little about my reasoning behind that, and I addressed some of the sensitive topics address by the book, all blended with several excerpts. Head on over and read or even listen to me make a fool of myself reading excerpts from my book.



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