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Spark Blog Tour

Spark2It feels as if all of a sudden things are happening with Spark. When I look back at the true timeline, I know that’s ludicrous. Getting a book from a writer’s brain into readers’ hands is a long process, especially if that writer is a perpetual editor, like me.

This morning my handy-dandy calendar alerted me that my blog tour is starting tomorrow, and I’m sure my eyes nearly bugged out of my head despite me just waking up. I thought I’d share what’s happening with you so you can follow along and visit all these great writers who so generously donated space on their blogs. I also installed an upcoming events widget over on the sidebar so you can see the next three things on my docket.

Date Blog Stop Post Topic
8/26 Brynn Stein An Interview with Posy Roberts
8/28 Anne Barwell Posy’s Bookshelf
8/30 Jana Denardo Character Interview with Hugo & Kevin
9/2 Charley Descoteaux Bisexuality in M/M Romance
9/2 Dreamspinner Blog Several posts and topics
9/3 J.P. Barnaby Hiding Behind Lies
9/4 Zahra Owens Glass Houses – Where Characters Live
9/5 Rowan Speedwell Family Tree Roots Run Deep
9/6 Jaime Samms Don’t Drag Me Down
9/7 Shae Connor Visual Inspiration – Character Board
9/8 Jamie Fessenden Coming Out at 35
9/9 Kim Fielding Inspiration – Second Chances
9/10 Charlie Cochet Lake Culture & More
9/11 N.R. Walker Interview & Fun
9/12 Jay Northcote Friendships
9/14 P.D. Singer A Trilogy?!?
9/20 Butterfly-o-Meter Promo Stop
9/21 Skylar M. Cates Interview about Spark & Writing

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