Twin Cities Pride

I finally got to a Pride celebration larger than a postage stamp with a few unenthusiastic individuals sitting around a courtyard wordlessly handing out flyers. That’s Pride in my small, conservative town. I’m hoping this year will be better now that we have marriage equality in Minnesota, but the fact that we don’t even celebrate Pride here during June even ticks me off.

So, I went to Twin Cities Pride with a friend and had a fun time. There was a ton of enthusiasm and people everywhere! I was immediately jazzed and probably looked like a totally out-of-towner. Oh well. I don’t care! I had fun! Here are some highlights.

Former Viking, Chris Kluwe was the Grand Marshall. He was a very outspoken straight ally who spoke out for marriage equality every chance he was given this last year. Just seeing him made me happy.

The parade was fun and there were a few “balloons” released while we waited. They were obviously helium-filled, and I wondered if they were pre-filled or if the guys had a tank there. It was funny to watch the crowd get sort of mesmerized. They just stared at the floating condoms, but since they were released during slow parts of the parade due to traffic needing to still get through intersections, maybe that was the most interesting thing to watch.

The Legalize Marijuana group got a huge cheer, and these guys below were just too cute to not photograph. I only captured one, but the were dancing all over the place and having a wonderful time in the parade.

I brought along some business cards with Pride bracelets I made to give away. I had a very good reaction with everyone I approached. I even broke through my introverted side and initiated conversation with complete stranger. O.o My friend left a few cards on a table where we were resting and new people came to sit across from us. They took my card, read it, and pocketed it. That was a strange, wonderful experience.

I will be bringing my daughter along next year, I’ve already decided. I also got to see a childhood friend I hadn’t seen in ten years while at Pride. I’m very grateful to my friend, Tony for coming with me and introducing me to the best grilled cheese sandwich on earth at The Depot Tavern. If you’re ever there, you must try the Bavarian Grilled Cheese.

Happy Pride! I’m sad June is over, but I’m proud year ’round.


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