It’s Real!

The impact of the DOMA’s demise is having real effects on people’s lives. Binational married couples are now able to apply and be granted a green card for their foreign-born spouse so repeated goodbyes like these seen in the video below will no longer have to happen.

Parents will have a much easier time providing for their children, both legally and financially, without having to file stacks and stacks of paperwork. Two medical insurance plans can now become one. Social Security benefits. Military benefits, which include housing and so much more. Married LGBT couples will be able to file taxes and check the box that says Married, Filing Jointly. There are so many more benefits now available because of this decision by the Supreme Court.

Beyond that, and just as significant, is the right to say “My husband” and “My wife” and to no longer feel like a second-class citizen. I remember how happy I was to say my husband when I talked about him after first getting married. Somehow, it meant so much more than boyfriend or fiancé, and I’m overjoyed that so many more people get to feel that.



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