New Toys Make Me Happy

I finally bit the bullet and got myself an iPad. I’ve wanted once for ages, but never really thought I needed one. I’m a very practical person. After all, I already have an iPhone, which is like a mini iPad but with a phone! attached. I also have an iMac (but that chains me to a desk). I have a crappy MacBook from 2007 that barely works anymore, but if I dejunked it, it would probably be fine.

I wanted a tool to use while on the go that I’d actually use. I’ve tried to write on my iPhone, but I get frustrated. My laptop is too cumbersome to bring along. I’ve opted for a leather notebook and a pencil lately. The reason I debated so long, even when there was cash burning a hole in my pocket, was that I wan’t sure about the storage. Yet, for the last year or so, nearly all my writing files have been sitting neatly on Dropbox. There was no longer any reason to really wait, I finally realized.

So I bought my new iPad. I could type on it and even used my wireless keyboard from my iMac if I really wanted to get going fast. Then yesterday, I went out and bought the Zagg Profolio+ keyboard. It’s not the prettiest keyboard on the market/portfolio, but it’s functional and the keys feel really close to a standard keyboard, at least compared to the Ultrathin Logitech keyboard, which felt like typing on a toy to me.

Now I’ll have to see if my productivity will go up. I sure hope it does.


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