How I Keep My Butt in the Seat to Write

I have some tools of the trade most people don’t think of as writer’s tools, but when I sit at a computer for extended periods of time, I find I need some things to keep my butt in the seat. That usually means comfort items. So here’s a list of some unconventional tools of mine:

  1. A footstool – I use a footstool to elevate my feet when I sit at my desk. It’s comfy and it also reduces swelling if it’s hot outside.
  2. A nursing stool – What?!? Yes, for those times I don’t want my feet up or on the ground, I rest them on an angled nursing stool. It helps stretch my muscles and simply gives me another option. Besides, I had it left over from the baby days, so I may as well reuse it if I can. 
  3. A blanket – I even use a blanket in the heat of summer. Maybe because it feels good, but also to cut down on the draft from my heating/cooling system.
  4. Fingerless gloves – I have collected numerous pairs over the years. My wrists and hands get cold so I always have a pair within easy reach. I seem to type faster with warmer hands, and fast typing is a bonus as a writer.
  5. A scarf – This is a fairly new discovery. I found that even with the fingerless gloves and a blanket, I still felt a little cold. A scarf around my neck helps give me that little bit more warmth. It doesn’t even need to be wool. I often use a thin, silk scarf.
  6. A heating pad – I don’t use this all the time, but if I’ve been at the computer for days on end, my lower back can get sore. Also, I love heating pads. They are wonderful.
  7. A coffee warmer – I enjoy writing very early in the morning, just after my coffeemaker finishes dripping. I always pour myself a cup of joe first thing and then sit down to write. The problem is, I often get so wrapped up in my work that it is an hour later before I go back for that second or third sip, and by then, it’s cold. With the coffee warmer, that no longer happens. I just need to make sure it’s turned off before I leave the room. I’ve forgotten a few times.

Not a pencil, pen, notebook, or software program mentioned, but I don’t think writing would be nearly as comfy without all these little tools.

What are some of your tools that help you be more productive and keep your butt in the seat?


  1. beckony
    April 28, 2013 / 1:18 pm

    I love my fingerless gloves! I’ve been meaning to get some lighter ones for the summer, but even my heavy knitted ones which are a bit too warm are so great for keeping my fingers limber.


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