The Scenes I See In My Head

I write down the movies I see in my head because…

  • I never see the types of relationship I want to see on the silver screen.
  • When I do see gay men on the screen, they’re often cardboard cut outs rather than real, deep characters.
  • on my computer screen, I can see sex, but I don’t ever see love.
  • kissing never lasts long enough in movies or porn.
  • there are some things that will never be filmed in mainstream movies.
  • while I got to see Ryan Gosling going down on Michelle Williams, I doubt I’ll ever see Zachary Quinto rimming Chris Pine no matter how many letter writing campaigns or petitions I started.
  • sex in movies is always too fast, which is why I love the Gosling/Williams scene so much. It’s slow and deliberate and honest.
  • so much intimacy on screen doesn’t feel real. It feels contrived.
  • I have to.



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