Stuck Between Projects

I’ve been an emotional wreck for days. I think it’s because I’m in that awful place between projects. My story is with an editor so I can’t really do too many changes even though I read through it yesterday and made notes on things I need to consider or fix. But I’m not ready to move on to a new project yet.

I get suck like this. It’s almost as if I have to mourn for my characters and their book being done before I can go on and open myself up to falling in love with new characters. So maybe it’s more like a break up.

And break ups suck.

Don’t you just love the melodramatic painting I chose to depict my inner drama queen? 😉

At least I know this emotionality won’t last very long, but somehow I have to find a way to push through this, especially considering I still have two books to edit in this series. It doesn’t help that I’ve been writing about some pretty heavy things, or at least heavy to me.

These epic story lines are exhausting so maybe a short story would really be good therapy for my heart.


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