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I Dread This Edit

Switching gears from one story to another has always been a challenge for me.  It’s one of the very huge reasons why I cannot seem to work on numerous projects like so many other authors seem to be able to do.  Even with my next story being a true continuation of the book I just sent to beta, I’m having a hard time.  I haven’t switched characters or worlds or genres or any of that other stuff that often gets in the way of transitioning.  I haven’t even jumped a year in time or anything as crazy as that.  My characters have aged all of a month since I said good-bye to them a few days ago.

But the tone of this story is different.  Very different.

I’m writing a trilogy in the true sense of the word and I just started book two.  Book two in trilogies are often dark or depressing where you aren’t sure the characters are going to either make it out alive or make it out intact.  Considering I’ve already written the first draft of this book as well as the third book in the series and I know how things turn out, you’d think this would be easy.  But writing dark, depressing stuff is hard.  When I wrote the draft in July, I easily became depressed and had difficulties sleeping  because of it.  I didn’t stop writing because I needed to get the story out of my head, but now I’m having to allow this heartbreak back in.  It’s especially hard for me and I’m hoping my sleep won’t be affected this time around.


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