Come Play in my Sandbox

I’m reading the galley proof of Fall Into You and ran across a thought Simon has.

YOU never know when you meet people if they’re going to be significant in your life, shifting and moving parts of you and having an impact on your soul, or if they’re just going to play in your sandbox awhile before moving on. If they end up being significant, you don’t know how long they’ll stick around either.

Over the years, I’ve had friends who’ve only played for a short time and some who’ve been around for years. They’ve all been important, adding or taking something away. I think about those people who have gone and wonder about them from time to time.  Some I miss.  Some I’m glad are gone. A few, I’ve even gone out of my way to reconnect with.

No matter how anything turned out, I’m really glad I was able to play with those people.


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