I’m doing this too, writing about my high while I’m experiencing it.  I realize I’ll probably look back weeks from now and roll my eyes at myself, but who cares.  Haha.  How often do people experience true, unfettered joy?

Joy is most certainly what I’m feeling.  I’ve just finished writing three books.  In two and a half months, I wrote 250,000 words.  It may never see the light of day or the backlight of an iPad or e-reader, but more than anything, I’m just so glad I stuck it out and finished.

I’ve been keeping in close contact with an author friend throughout this summer as I wrote, and I’m very glad.  Not only is it great to talk to another author about story ideas, but it’s amazing to see that other writers go through some of those similar stages that I do.  Like the one I was at a few days ago when I was about to write the climax of the last book.  I pretty much wanted to crawl into a hole and hide forever because I saw no way that I could tie up all those loose ends.

But then I couldn’t sleep because the loose ends kept tickling my brain.  I ended up getting up and going to my computer to tell my friend all about my struggles.  She said, KEEP GOING.  She also said she was in the same spot the week before with a book, and I knew she’d gotten through it.  So I kept going.



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