Changing a Character’s Name

I’ve gotten nearly 90K words into my story and I had a change of heart.  I had to change the name of a secondary character because it just wasn’t working.  Part of it was that I hadn’t considered her last name.  How dumb is that?  Luckily, it’s going easier this time around.   The last time I did this in a story, I struggled forever.  In fact, I’m still struggling with that change, the character’s old name popping into my head when I tell people about my novel.  It’s crazy how ingrained these names become.

One tool that helped me a lot this time was the Baby Name Explorer on babycenter.  I love the way you can search for similar sounding names, suggested names, and sibling names.  The tool took me to a few names that I never would have gone to on my own.

The funny thing is, when I told my daughter that I was changing the little girl’s name in my book from Reese to Brooke, she told me, “That’s my character’s name in my story.”  Like mother like daughter, I guess.


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