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Submission & Life Woes

Submitting a story for publication.

OMG!  I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

How do you put your heart and soul out there like that and not get a little nauseous?  Granted, I’ve submitted myself to the fan fiction world for over two years now.  You’d think I was okay with being read/judged.  Apparently not.  Submission seems so much bigger.  Like…HUGE!!!

My story, Fall Into You, is ready to go.  Edits are done.  Several trusted people have read through it and given me their feedback.  My cover letter is essentially written.  There is only one thing that remains.

The dreaded summary.

*Cue silly melodramatic music*   DUN DUN DUN

To take something that I wrote in first person, past tense and then try to explain it in two pages or less in third person, present tense is MUCH harder than it sounds.  I’ve tried to describe this story to several close friends, but I think I’m just way too close to it to see the parts that aren’t really important.  It’s all significant to me or else I wouldn’t have written it.

Add on top of that the start of a new school year, a mid-life crisis, a new job search, and the loss of significant support systems and I think you can see that this is hard.  So, I bitch about it here.

This is my digital Moleskine, after all.


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